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Anthony Niner

Anthony works very hard both on and off the screen as, to name but a few, producer, actor, writer and musician, but always finds time for his wife, son and young daughter – the namesake of the studios. He is the glue that holds everyone involved at Savannah Film Studios together and the driving force behind every project.

Dustin Bowcott

Dustin lives with his partner of fifteen years and four children. He is a writer and producer who’s first love, after his family, is writing. There isn’t anything he loves more than sitting at a computer typing out the next great masterpiece. Good scripts are the backbone of great film. We’re lucky to have him.

Courtney-Jai Niner

Courtney-Jai is young and hungry. At university doing a degree in game art design he can’t wait to get stuck into the real world of film where he can exercise his creative muscles.
Multi-talented, he is an excellent camera operator, stills photographer and graphic designer with a willingness and the intelligence to tackle any problem on set.

Themba Chitambo

Themba is a film student and very experienced in making music videos.
He is a Director of Photography, Editor, Graphic Designer, Camera Operator, set designer and excellent stills photographer with an eye for the perfect shot – whether that be film or stills. A real asset to the team.

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